COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Compliant Form

Steps we take to ensure your safety and to reduce
the spread of COVID-19

  • Separated waiting rooms for areas of the building

  • Separate entrances to reduce cross traffic

  • Picture labeled entrances to help identify where each family comes in for their appointment

  • Delegated restrooms for each side of the building to reduce traffic

  • Floor markers to indicate 6 ft of space in treatment rooms

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant use on toys and supplies used by clients

  • Increased frequency of in-depth cleaning done by a contracted cleaning company and therapy technicians

  • Temperature checks for all clients

  • Staff training and policies in place for work practices

  • COVID-19 questionnaire screening for each family


**** If you still have questions about whether your child can keep their appointments please call our office at: (269) 223-7786 for Battle Creek and (616) 536-2211 for Caledonia so we can review your case specific information before you enter our facility


1) Where are the current COVID hotspots?

Answer: Please view the link below for the current CDC data map. If you or a member of you family has been to a COVID hotspot in the last two weeks, and your child is able to maintain wearing their PPE for the entirety of their session they are welcome to keep their appointment. If not, please cancel their appointment for the next 14 days. 

COVID hotspot data map link:


2) My child has a single symptom or a symptom related to a chronic health condition. Do I need to cancel my appointment?
Answer: If your child can wear their PPE for the entirety of their session they are welcome to keep their appointment. If not then please cancel all appointments for the next 14 days 


3) What if my child starts showing symptoms during their session and/or is not able to wear the necessary PPE for the entire session?
Answer: the therapist has the right to refuse or terminate service at any point if they feel it is necessary to prevent the spread of illness.


4) My child has COVID symptoms, but has been tested and cleared by a healthcare provider. Can they still come to their appointment?
Answer: Please bring proof of medical clearance with you to your appointment.