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 VitalStim is a therapy technique used to treat dysphagia, which is a swallowing disorder. Dysphagia can result from a variety of medical conditions, injuries, or neurological disorders. It can lead to difficulty swallowing, aspiration (food or liquid entering the airway), malnutrition, and other health issues. VitalStim therapy is designed to help individuals with dysphagia improve their ability to swallow safely and effectively.

SOS Approach to Feeding:


The SOS Approach to Feeding is a Transdisciplinary Program for assessing and treating children with feeding and weight/growth difficulties. This program integrates motor, oral, behavioral/learning, medical, sensory and nutritional factors and approaches in order to comprehensively evaluate and manage children with feeding/growth problems. It has been developed over the course of 20 years through the clinical work of Dr. Kay Toomey, in conjunction with colleagues from several different disciplines.

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What to bring to Feeding & Swallowing Therapy?

  • A hungry child: It is very important that your child is hungry during therapy. Children who are hungry tend to be more willing to eat in a new environment and try new foods.

  • Special foods, formula and/or breast milk: We rely on you to bring foods and liquids for your child. For picky eaters we suggest starting with mostly preferred foods to build rapport and decrease overstimulation.

  • Bottles: If your child is bottle fed, please bring the bottle and nipple used for most feedings.

Feeding & Swallowing

feeding and swallowing functional kids therapy

What is Feeding & Swallowing Therapy?



Our experienced pediatric therapists work closely with you, your family, and other health professionals to assess and treat a wide range of feeding and swallowing disorders. Whether you need assistance transitioning from breast/bottle feeding to table foods, weaning from tube feeding, or adding variety to your child's diet our experts at Functional Kids are here to help. 

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